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Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal Barrier Coatings
Thermal Barrier Coatings
Product Code : CC-01
Product Description

Thermal Barrier Coatings

The barrier coat reduces the direct effect of temperature by reducing heat transfer caused by conduction, convection & radiation. Thus the base material retains properties which it could have lost at high temperature exposure.  The final coating material is normally a ceramic oxide. Industry uses are mostly limited to Stabilized zirconia( Zirconia changes phase at around 1000 deg C) or Alumina. All ceramic oxides are oxygen transparent hence a oxidation resistant bond coat is provided. Coatings can peel off at high temperature due to variation in co-efficient in thermal expansion. Hence depending on base material a graded CTE matched material is applied.

We have carried out repairs on Roof jackets of copper blast furnace. The jackets had following properties:
  •  MOC copper. 
  • Wear due to high temperature corrosion by SO4 gases and splashing of molten copper on roof jackets at 1240 deg C. observed wear was around 15-20mm reduction in thickness of copper jacket. 
  • The jackets are water cooled. 

The solution we provided was:

 Multi layer coatings of bond coat + top coat + sealant are applied. We carried out the job by ARC spray Aluminium bronze + MCRAlY alloy + Rod sprayed Alumina + Sealant suitable up to 1600 dg C.